30th April - 4th May 



From N2P -  the creative team who brought you the sell-out show Play 2 - comes; GRIP. a brand new piece of writing about trauma, accusations, psychosis and suspicion.


GRIP. is based on one version of a true and previously untold story, and bravely takes on one of the most divisive oversights in today’s legal system using “Lynchian horror and Pinteresque humour” (The Play’s the Thing).


Trev is surrounded by an unsettling world that glitches, skips and repeats like an old tape recording. As we watch Trev and his Dad try to overcome their masculine inhibitions to deal with the loss of Trev’s mother, it becomes clear there’s something else going on… The only person who shares Trev’s anxious confusion is Louise, but when their lives collide on an ill-fated night out, the two are forever changed. Trev is arrested and the circumstances of his class, gender, and mental health coalesce into a tale that is both inventive and cautionary.